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Winter Skin Care Tips..

Winter weather can take its toll on our skin but with the right plant-based ingredients, it is easy to protect skin against the elements. Here we share Green People's top botanical beauty products for winter weather defence.


Skin craves hydration nourishment during the dark, cold winter months and Green People’s Vita Min Fix face cream delivers exactly what is needed to replenish moisture levels so that skin feels more comfortable and wrinkles are diminished. Wrinkles can look more pronounced when skin is dry but this replenishing day cream plumps and softens the skin and delivers a daily dose of wrinkle-preventing Baicalin, a remarkable natural anti-ageing active that’s clinically proven to protect and extend cell life, effectively reducing skin age. Combine with Green People’s Fruitful Nights Night Cream and you’ll create a moisture-intensive skin treat that will leave winter-weary skin feeling as fresh as a summer’s day.


Skin can feel a little dull and dreary in the winter but exfoliating regularly can help to banish dry skin and brighten the complexion. Green People’s refreshing Fruit Scrub is one of our favourite natural face scrubs and this gentle exfoliator uses Apricot Kernel powder to gently buff away dead skin. After use, expect to notice skin feels more radiant and moisturising products penetrate the skin easier. You’ll also notice that the skin feels calm and soft, this is because this face mask favourite contains nourishing Shea butter, hydrating Squalane and soothing Marshmallow.


Skin rejuvenates at night and a nourishing evening skin care routine can help it to recover from winter irritations. Always gently cleanse the skin before bed and maximise your skin’s hydration levels overnight by applying an eye cream and serum before your moisturiser or facial oil. For intense overnight hydration we also recommend applying Green People’s Fruitful Nights Night Cream, an alcohol-free night cream enriched with skin regenerating Rosehip, Omega-rich Hemp and Jojoba – a sebum-balancing oil that helps to lock hydration into the skin whilst you sleep.

We hope these skin care tips from Green People will help care for your skin during the winter months.

Coco & Gizmo x


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