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Founder's Story

After discovering the overwhelming amount of cruelty to animals in the name of beauty I decided to form a company dedicated to providing customers with strictly cruelty-free and vegan beauty products. I've always loved animals and was horrified that animal testing for cosmetics was so prevalent and happening in such huge numbers. I decided I only wanted to sell strictly vegan beauty products as I don't believe that a beauty product can be cruelty-free if it contains animal ingredients..I wanted to ensure every product would be 100% cruelty-free so, that means vegan too.


Something I'm passionate about is providing customers with beauty products that are organic and natural and not full of horrid chemicals! After spending years in the modelling industry and researching the best beauty products for my skin I was truly shocked by what actually goes into them! Thousands of synthetic ingredients go into beauty products and these are deemed safe for use even though the health hazards and side effects are widely documented in research. It's shocking that ingredients in beauty products can be linked to serious health problems such as cancer, respiratory problems, hormonal imbalances and neurological problems as well as causing contact dermatitis and many more skin disorders.


The ethos for the company was based on my own set of strong opinions about animal testing for cosmetics but also, a moral obligation to provide people with beauty products that will not cause harm to them. My ethos is I will only sell something that I myself would put on my skin. I don't want harm to come to an animal or harm come to a human being through the use of a beauty product...Choose beauty not cruelty and on these set of principles that's how Coco & Gizmo was formed :) 

Rachael x

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