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The truly wonderful properties of Argan Oil 'Liquid Gold'

Argan Oil, also referred to as 'Liquid Gold' is one of the rarest oils on earth due to a very specific growing area in Morocco and limited production, so its rarity and skin rejuvenating properties earned it a 'gold star' in luxury beauty products. It is rich in important nutrients including fatty acids and Vitamin E which are extremely beneficial for the hair and skin.

Argan Oil nourishes the skin deeply and can help with fine lines, stretch marks, dry skin and be used on the hair and nails! It is an extremely effective anti-aging product because it has an anti-oxidant effect on the skin, restoring elasticity and leaving the skin feeling plumper and softer. It is an ideal daily moisturiser to hydrate the skin and give it a natural boost and works wonders as an all over body moisturiser if your skin really needs some TLC. It is also, fantastic for your hair, leaving it softer, shinier and nourished from within, helping with split ends and taming frizz!

People with extremely sensitive skin and suffer from conditions, such as eczema will benefit immensely from Argan Oil as the Vitamin E and fatty acids are excellent at repairing the skin and helping the skin to heal quickly. It is a natural anti-inflammatory and will reduce pain and speed up healing.

Argan Oil is also wonderful during pregnancy and due to the vitamin E content will increase the elasticity of the skin and help prevent stretch marks. Rubbing this in daily will help keep the skin soft and supple.

It is important to choose a high quality Argan Oil as there are many products available that quite simply are not pure enough. Try choosing an organic, cold-pressed Argan Oil where purity is guaranteed, such as the one pictured above by the organic brand, Thesis. It should be 100% pure Argan Oil with nothing else added in order to reap the benefits.

Argan Oil really does have many wonderous properties and you can expect to see an immediate improvement in skin, hair and nails. It is a much better alternative to chemical laden beauty products which do more harm than good. Opting for natural and organic products over ones containing harmful chemicals will produce beautiful results that you can really feel on the outside as well as from within :)

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