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Love Your Skin :)

At Coco & Gizmo we are true believers that loving your skin is of the upmost importance...After all, your skin is the largest organ in your body so, it needs the upmost of care :) The products we sell here on our online vegan beauty shop are all non-toxic. We wouldn't want anything else for you and if we are not prepared to put it on our skin then we wouldn't expect you to either. We like natural, organic and most importantly no nasties!

Unfortunately, there are so many products out there that cause serious harm to our delicate skin and organs.. Products that are laden with harmful toxic chemicals. Please see the ingredients section of our website for the full list but below are just a few:

  • Parabens - commonly used, they are a class of preservatives used to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold. Parabens are endocrine (or hormone) disruptors, which may alter important hormone mechanisms in our bodies. A recent study showed breast cancer samples contained parabens.

  • Phenoxyethanol (from the petrochemical family) - commonly used as an alternative to parabens. The Chemical Toxicity Database lists that phenoxyethanol may cause central nervous system depression, kidney damage, skin irritation, headaches, dizziness, nausea and drowsiness. If inhaled it may cause respiratory and digestive tract irritation. Japan has banned the use of it in all cosmetics.

  • PEG's - an emulsifier used in alot of products, can be very harmful and should never be put on broken skin. Studies have shown there are links to some types of serious cancers as PEGS can be absorbed through broken skin causing serious damage to organs.

  • SLS/ Sodium Lauryl Sulphate - is an irritant to skin and eyes, and could have long term damaging effects as it is absorbed into the blood stream and has been proven to build up in essential organs including the eyes, brain and liver. Despite this evidence many main-stream brands continue to use this ingredient to get rid of grease and make products foam. It is used in many beauty products including shampoo, hand wash and toothpaste although it is completely unnecessary and there are natural alternatives.

  • Ethanolamines (MEA/DEA/TEA) - surfactants and PH adjuster linked to allergies, skin toxicity, hormone disruption, and inhibited fetal brain development. Most commonly found in: hair dyes, mascara, foundation, fragrances, sunscreens.

  • Formaldehyde - used as a preservative in cosmetics. A known carcinogen that is also linked to asthma, neurotoxicity, and developmental toxicity. Found in: shampoo, body wash, bubble bath.

The above are all examples of commonly used toxic chemicals in cosmetics. When looking for Vegan and Cruelty-free products always check the label to see if these harmful chemicals are present. A lot of these chemicals do come with warnings from the FDA. It's shocking that these ingredients actually come with warnings! These chemicals can be absorbed by the skin and then can cause havoc with your skin and insides..very often building up over a period of time causing more damage. Many of these ingredients have been linked to serious health issues, like skin disorders, hormonal problems and even cancer.

At Coco & Gizmo we really do believe that natural and organic is so much better for our skin. Our bodies are our temples after all! We hope that by bringing these nasties to your attention it may make a difference to you in the future. It's really important to love your skin and we hope this information may be useful...Love your skin, after all it will be will be with you for a long time :)

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