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Introducing Refillable Organic Lip Gloss & Polish from Zao

Introducing these amazing new lip products from Zao! These luxury organic lip glosses & polishes are 100% Natural and organic in their ingredients. They are also refillable so, an excellent eco-friendly choice.

Zao Lip polish is a glossy laquer that will add intensity and colour to you lips! The lip polish naturally fits to the curves of the lips and imbue them with an intense and luminous colour. Their rich composition with apricot kernel oil helps to brighten and hydrate your lips. The result...Lovely vibrant lips that will stay hydrated throughout the day or night!

Zao Lip Gloss will leave your lips looking amazing! With a lovely range of colours to choose from, you can give your lips a wonderful hint of colour and provide them with intense moisture. Get luscious lips and enjoy absolute comfort thanks to a formula enriched with organic cocoa butter.

Due to their natural and organic content these lip glosses & polishes can be enjoyed safely! No nasties that could be potentially ingested and cause harm to our delicate body and organs. These lip glosses reign superior over cheap high street lip products that are filled with toxic chemicals and tested on animals.

As with all Zao products these lip glosses & polishes are Cruelty-free Certified, Vegan, Eco-cert Certified and 100% Natural. Give these little beauties a try and see for yourself the difference it makes to your lips :)

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