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Zao Due Eyebrow Brush


An ideal all-in-one tool for working on eyebrows and lashes, it enables you to structure your look with its dual use design.

  • The angled brush allows precise application of eyebrow powder for a natural result.
  • The brush can comb the eyebrows into a pleasing shape, remove excess eyebrow powder, and also separate and curl lashes whilst removing excess for a flawless finish.


Handle material: Bamboo

Hairs material: Synthetic


Zao have chosen synthetic hairs rather than natural ones, because they refuse to facilitate the wounding or killing of an animal for the manufacturing of ZAO make-up brushes.


100% Vegan and Cruelty-free

ZAO Duo Eyebrow Brush

  • For brows: Lightly dab into brow powder, tap off excess and then apply to brows for perfect and defined brows. Use brush to carefully style.

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