Pure Wild Volumising Mascara


Hey Gorgeous mascara’s delivery system coats lashes one luxurious layer at a time for full, clump-free, water-resistant definition. The rich, hydrating formula evenly builds thickness and smoothness, delivering a full fringe of blacker-than-black lashes with a dewy shine.


This natural and exclusive formula dries quickly without smearing, smudging, clumping,

or flaking. An infusion of nourishing, protein-rich Argan Oil conditions and supports hair growth for lush, supple, healthy lashes.


Made without any harmful chemicals, very kind to sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Hey Gorgeous brand new mascara is not tested on animals and made with only the finest, organic ingredients. Try it for lovely long, beautiful lashes!


30ml / 1 fl oz.


Cruelty-free Certfied

Vegan Friendly

100% Natural

Made with Organic Ingredients

No Nasties!


Hey Gorgeous Pure Wild Volumising Mascara

  • Distilled Water, Black Kaolin, Argan Oil, Cosmetic Grade Soy Wax.

  • You might want to curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler before applying mascara. For natural looking eyelashes, begin by gently curling little sections of your ashes from root to tip. Squeeze once or twice before moving onto the next section.


    To apply mascara, wiggle the brush back and forth and sweep upwards for full coverage. For an even more dramatic look, apply two coats.

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