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Han Restorative Day/Night Face Oil is formulated with nine of nature’s most skin nourishing vegan oils. With just a few drops, skin is hydrated, nourished, and dewy.


Essential fatty acids and antioxidants, combined with potent anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients, help strengthen skin against the signs of aging.


Han nutrient-rich face oil spreads smoothly and evenly over and leaves skin feeling moist and supple. Free of irritating chemicals or extra fillers… just pure, clean ingredients to help restore skin’s natural beauty.


Good for all skin types including dry, mature, sensitive, blemish-prone, combination and normal.


Key benefits:
● Moisture Barrier Protection
● Skin Smoothing
● Dewiness
● Anti-Oxidant
● Anti-Inflammatory
● Anti-Bacterial


Nine Nutrient-Rich Vegan Oils:
Organic Hibiscus Seed Oil - rich in Linoleic Acid to help minimize the appearance of fine lines, improve radiance and elasticity.
Organic Apricot Kernel Oil - Antioxidant Vitamins A, C, E and Polyphenols protect skin.
Organic Jojoba Seed Oil - Compatible with all skin types; helps lock moisture, smooths fine lines and wrinkles; antibacterial and antioxidant properties.
Sunflower Seed Oil - Compatible with all skin types; helps maintain the natural moisture barrier; anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
Castor Seed Oil - Rich texture oil helps seal skin moisture; anti-inflammatory properties.
Cloudberry Seed Oil - Soothing, anti-inflammatory properties; helps maintain the natural moisture barrier; Antioxidant Vitamin C.
Plum Seed Oil - Rich in anti-inflammatory properties and Essential Fatty Acids; nourishing Vitamins A, E, & K.
Sea Buckthorn Oil - Compatible with all skin types; antioxidant rich and Essential Fatty Acids to enhance skin’s moisture barrier.
Moringa Seed Oil - Compatible with all skin types, absorbs easily; antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.


Size: 1 fl oz / 30 ml



Han Skincare Cosmetics - Restorative Face Oil - 30ml

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