Coconut Hair Oil Treatment For Gorgeous Locks


Fed up with flyaway frizz? Dry, damaged, lifeless hair getting you down? Well you are by no means alone. Millions of us are cursed with lank, lacklustre locks, or even the most uncontrollable curls!

Hey Gorgeous fabulous Coconut Hair Oil is just what you need! This amazing treatment helps hair retain moisture and proteins which means stronger, silkier and shinier hair. The antibacterial properties in the oil increase scalp protection against itchy and weakening infections, helping hair stay healthy and dandruff free. Vitamins E and K nourish and add lustre, boosting hair and scalp health.


Why It Works:

It works incredibly well for repairing damaged hair that has been over-processed, heat damaged, or is just naturally dry. Our Coconut oil is also anti-fungal in nature, making it a perfect natural anti-dandruff treatment, or as a preventative treatment for dandruff. It’s a great regular hair treatment for maintaining very healthy hair and scalp when used as a part of your regular hair-care routine (1-4 times per month).


250ml / 8.8 fl oz

Vegan Friendly

100% Natural

No Nasties!

Cruelty-free Certified


Hey Gorgeous Coconut Hair Oil Treatment For Gorgeous Locks

  • Coconut Oil, Jojoba and Essential Oils.

  • Can be used as often as required as a light conditioning treatment after shampooing or as a deep conditioning treatment. Comb through hair, leave on for 15 minutes, rinse, dry and style as usual.

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