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White Rabbit vegan beard oil works quite the miracle on brittle coarse, sharp facial hair growing in uneven shapes, leaving it looking healthy, hydrated and conditioned. 


A handmade and easily absorbed oil packed full of plant-powered ingredients to moisturise and protect both beard hair and the skin underneath, leaving you feeling and looking your best.



Sweet Almond Oil - rich in Vitamin E, potassium, zinc, proteins and monounsaturated fatty acids which are incredible for increasing hair growth, eliminating dandruff and reducing inflammation.

Jojoba oil - a remarkable moisturising but easily absorbed oil. Very similar to your skin’s own sebum (oil), it can help prevent buildup of sebum and therefore encourages beard growth. By moisturising and conditioning beard hair, it reduces breakage and makes it easier to control. 

Grapeseed oil - provides moisture but is also a natural cleansing agent to again help remove excess sebum that can clog pores and slow beard growth speed. It aids stimulation of blood circulation which ultimately contributes to hair growth. 


Powerful essential oils in this beard oil are the ultimate beard conditioning, hair growth and skin health: tea tree essential oil to stimulate blood circulation, rosemary essential oil to prevent dry flaking skin, lemon essential oil to not only provide a beautiful uplifting scent but also add antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiseptic compounds, and finally, chamomile essential oil to support hair growth, boost circulation and fight skin blemishes. 


50ml dropper cap or 10ml screw cap


White Rabbit Skincare products are carefully crafted by hand to ensure the highest quality and are 100% Vegan. They never include animal-derived ingredients (such as beeswax), Parabens, SLS, Silicones, Mineral oils or derivatives of petrochemicals, artificial fragrances, artificial colours, or anything else synthetic. 


White Rabbit Skincare is Certified Cruelty-free & Vegan


White Rabbit Skin Care - Beard Oil - 50ml or 10ml

£23.00 Regular Price
£11.50Sale Price
  • Sweet Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Chamomile EssentialOil



  • Warm 3-4 drops in the palm of your hand before massaging onto your face and beard. Can be used in the morning and evening. 

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