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Isla Apothecary Refine + Radiate Beautifying Face Mask is a gentle but powerful combination of Moroccan lava clay, Coconut Milk, Sandalwood and Turmeric to soothe, restore moisture, and nurture even the most sensitive skin to greater resiliency.


A customer favourite among those seeking natural remedial care for problematic skin.


Isla Apothecary Refine + Radiate Beautifying Face Mask contains:


VEGAN, FOOD GRADE COCONUT MILK POWDER: Rich in vitamins A and C, calcium, iron and natural proteins that help to replenish lost moisture and soothe persistently problematic skin, coconut milk contributes to a smooth and radiant complexion. Copper and Vitamin A content lend to increased and improved elasticity.


RED SANDALWOOD POWDER: Especially helpful to oily t-zones, sandalwood powder soaks excess sebum from the surface of the skin, achieving greater balance and even skin tone, to tighten and shrink pores, and eventually inhibit the frequency of breakouts. Provides relief to all skin irritations from acne to sunburn.


VEGAN, FOOD GRADE, TURMERIC ROOT POWDER: Turmeric contains powerful anti-inflammatory agents that assist in reducing redness and rawness from acne, blemishes and even rosacea and pigmentation. Antibacterial properties effectively clean the skin making it an extremely helpful skincare ritual before, during and after a breakout. Antioxidants safeguard against skin damaging free radicals. Also a powerful humectant, Turmeric locks in moisture and promotes suppleness. 


100% Natural, Vegan + Cruelty Free Bodycare.


Formulated without animal-derived ingredients, parabens, phthalates, synthetic materials, preservatives or aromachemicals, all ingredients and products are free from animal testing, and are suitable for vegans.


120g / 4.23oz amber glass jar, yielding 15 uses.



Isla Apothecary Refine + Radiate Beautifying Face Mask

  • Cocos nucifera (Coconut) milk powder* + Rhassoul (Moroccan lava) Clay + Pterocarpus santalinus (Red Sandalwood) wood powder + Curcuma Longa (Turmeric) root powder*.

    *Vegan + Food Grade

  • Find your desired consistency by mixing with either purified/floral/or hydrosol water. We recommend blending one teaspoon to a smooth paste using any of the above. 

    After applying evenly to face and neck, avoiding the eye area, relax for 10-15 minutes.

    Using warm water, finish with a gentle exfoliation by massaging in a circular motion to completely remove the mask. Finish with a few drops of Immortelle Scar + Blemish Oil.

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